Vectra 3D H2 Imaging Technology

Imagine being able to visualize the changes you want on your body. Texas Dermatology is proud to offer the most advanced imaging for our patients with the introduction of the Vectra 3D H2. The Vectra 3D H2 is an imaging solution for the face, breast, and body. Thinking about a rhinoplasty? This unique technology can simulate what your real face will look like after the changes. In addition, a 3D facial analysis can be run to see where brown spots are, wrinkles, texture, pores, and red areas. Visualize your hopes and expectations with the Vectra 3D H2 imaging technology.

Vectra 3D H2 Imaging Technology

Vectra 3D H2 Features

The Vectra 3D H2 is an entirely self-contained solution with a unique and innovative raised flash. This provided raked lighting that better captures the skin’s natural features and body contours for the most realistic simulations, assessments, and patient education. The H2 contains two sets of ranging lights ensuring optimal capture distance and resolution.


The markerless tracking of the H2 allows you to reveal the changes sought to characterize the degree of stretch, compression, lift, and volumization of the skin. These unique features give way to experience the following benefits for these procedures:

  • Preview of changes- Whether cosmetic or plastic surgery, desired results are confirmed by the ability to preview future changes.
  • Plastic surgery- Automated 3D measurements help you see your current condition and go through the different options to find the right solution. The Breast Sculptor ® feature simulates current implants' replacement and includes adjustable incisions used to simulate breast surgery. Circumferential measurements are also taken to envision body contouring procedures.
  • Cosmetic procedures- Visualize added volume where previously lost or vice versa. Evaluate the contours of the skin and skin conditions to determine effective corrective options.
Vectra 3D H2 Imaging Technology

At Texas Dermatology, we are making it possible to design specific areas of your body the way you want. To set up your consultation for your plastic surgery simulation, visit our website, or call (210) 728-3919.